How To’s Day!Knitting Loom and Board Basics

howtosday-icon.jpg As a bit of the reorganization efforts, you will find that the tutorial section has a few additions! I am hoping to add tutorials every other Tuesday, and also bring your attention to great how to’s online on the off weeks!

Today’s tutorials are loom knitting and board knitting basics. I wrote these documents up for some classes I recently taught at a Knitter’s Fantasy.I hope you find them useful and please stop by every Tuesday for some great tutorials!!

Thanks to a super nice fellow loom knitting blogger, I have been nominated for a bloggers choice award! How very uplifting! If you find blog entertaining and useful, please do go and let them know! This blog wouldn’t be what it is without all of my readers encouraging me, so give me a shout out!
My site was nominated for Best Hobby Blog!

They do require you to register, that is just to keep things on the up and up and not allow padding the vote box so to speak. Thanks for your readership and keep the comments coming on the new look as I continue to transform the site!

4 thoughts on “How To’s Day!Knitting Loom and Board Basics

  1. Okay I am not a “fellow” but I am super nice 🙂 well most days anyway.
    I’m just loving the look of your blog and I’m off to check out your tutorials!

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