The Great Lakes Sheep and Wool Show and Sale is next weekend so I am looking at my stash with a critical eye. I have a few things I am not going to use, and I can’t use. so I am destashing!! I would love to get this stuff packed up and out the door and shipped tommorrow so lets make some deals! I prefer Paypal for payment, and am willing to work with other payment methods as well. So let’s destash! My email is over there on the left sidebar under the search boxes so just whip of an email to me if you are interested!

First up: two looms I am going to destash.

They are both EFG sock looms from Decor accents! (don’t worry I still have one to work with! Two in fact!)

So here we go!

  1. 9″ oval EFG loom,cotter pin pegs.  This loom has 64 pegs and has been very gently used, and is in brand new condition. Retails for $21.25 Yours for $20.00 even which will include USPS Priority shipping in the U.S.  If you are not from the U.S. please contact me and we will make a deal. (my friend is in possesion of this loom at the moment, so it may be a day or two till this one is shipped)
  2. 8″ round EFG loom, cotter pin pegs. This loom has 56 pegs and again is gently used , and is in brand new condition. Retails for $20.75, yours for $19.00  which will include USPS Priority Shipping to the U.S. If you are not from the U.S. please contact me and we will make a deal.

What would sock looms be without sock yarn? No fun. I have a little sock yarn to destash! The Kroy sock yarns are the nice bright colors! I have swatch with th blue but other than that they are untouched. These are some of the rare colors that are hard to find, but are oh so fun! I will let them go for $4.00 a ball +shipping. Take one take them all.. it takes two to make a full pair of socks for the average woman’s foot. If you buy a sock loom and some of the sock yarn I will not charge for the yarn shipping I will need some packing material no?(however if you take all the sock yarn please add $3.00 to cover the larger box!) 

  1. Patons Kroy sock, Color Orangina 2 balls
  2. Patons Kroy sock yarn, Color PinkPower! 2 balls (lighter and brighter than phot shows)
  3. Patons Kroy sock yarn, color Blazing Blue 2 balls
  4. Patons Kroy sock yarn, color Grass Green 1 ball (lighter and brighter than photo shows)


I also have the following yarns for sale:

  1. Lion Brand Kool Wool: 1 ball color Tomato Red $2.00 + ship
  2. Lion Wool: 1 ball color Flower Garden $2.00 +ship
  3. Louisa Harding Kimono Angora:  2 balls 70% angora, 25% wool 5% nylon Color 1 $15.00 +ship-this is a beautiful lace scarf waiting to happen! (1 ball swatched with it’s all there)
  4. Rowan Holiday:  3 balls pink (same dye lot) $18.00+shipping (also have a nearly full or full ball to throw in
  5. Jamiesons’ ultra laceweight: 5 balls color azure $15.00 +ship



One other item to ‘serve up’

2 skeins of fingering weight handspun alpaca. It is cream colored extreeeeemely soft and as you can see I swatched for a shawl with it. There are a few thousand yards of yarn here, I don’t remember the exact amount I just remember the yarn shop lady saying it was enough to knit up a sweater! I have swatched with it, I have stroked it, I have kept it forever and I have decided that I will part with it. I know at the show there will be some nice alpaca that I will use! In the right hands this yarn will make a beautiful  shawl or three!


So I am putting a price on it of $25.00 +shipping.

3 thoughts on “DESTASH Day!!!

  1. I love the new look, Denise! Everything is so neat and easy to find. I always enjoy reading your blog – you are so talented and have just a great sense of humor.

  2. Hi Denise. I’ll buy that last Kroy sock yarn and I’d also like the Tomato Kool Wool. What’s my total?

    I like the new blog, but I miss being called a “scalywag”!


  3. I would be interested in the fingering alpaca- I tried to get through on Destash, but the link was bad.

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