Knit I-cord on as you go?…. yeah we can do that too!

Have you ever loom knit some pattern by some loom knitting designer who then had you knit up an I-cord and attatch it to the peice to make a nice edging..??? Forget about it! now.. just knit it as  you go! At least on the sides! (havn’t figured out the ends quite yet! But I’m working on it!) Details on next Tuesdays How To’s Day! And the apology!!(click on the pics for a better look!) Oh there are still a few items left in my Destash!! Just srcoll down!

I-cord swatch

I -cord edgeI-cord Swatch Back

4 thoughts on “Knit I-cord on as you go?…. yeah we can do that too!

  1. oh, I am an idiot, read too fast, lol. The method I was shown is still separate from the project–it is just like in needle knitting.
    Now I feel like a doofus!

  2. AHHH hehehhe see.. AS you go! Don’t worry this one has my brain going a mile a minute too!!
    Love to know about the applied one though!

  3. Hey that’s a really nice finish Denise! I’m impressed, but then I knew “some GREAT loom knitting designer” would figure it out (wink, wink). Have a great weekend 🙂

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