What a nice gift for a blogger! Buttons!

Well it’s raining in Utah, so Isela couldn’t get out on her bike. So what did she do? She made a little gift for me! Some buttons!!! Check them out!!






And My favourite!


Please feel free to steal one and put it on your site! Remember to right click on the button of your choice and save it to your own system!

Thanks Isela! I think they are great!!

I will put them up on my links page permanently.. if you want to find them later!

2 thoughts on “What a nice gift for a blogger! Buttons!

  1. Hi Denise! I love this I cord as you go thing! I MUST try it ASAP. I just got back from over a week in California-wow did we have a great time. I’d never been there. I came back minus my small blue KK again!! I gave one to a little girl in NYC last summer–this time my sister in law got it-she is hooked!! heh heh! I directed her to all the very cool websites and of course to Loom Knitters Circle. I also pushed all the looming books and she ran to her computer!! I have missed all my loomy friends, though-and I managed to check my mail once while I was away. I made a cool friend in Paris – Christine Morgan- she is a sweet heart-we e-mail almost every day and share ideas and yarn!! She is the the round loom group (maybe more). But looming has given me such cool internet pals!! Take care, Denise- I pray the pox is gone from your home. Wendy back in MD

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