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Allow me to introduce the latest member of my personal design team…. Sharon..


Her name came about by accident, as Brian mis-heard that we where calling her ‘shirty’. I sort of liked the little bit of sci-fi girl Cylon reference.. because of the character Sharon from Battle Star Galactica and so it stuck. I think she looks rather good in my Ballet Top don’t you? She is nearly my double.. if I slim down in the middle that is..

In a little slice of life.. Caleb was REAAAALY thirsty last night…101_0534.JPG

I am making up my shopping list for the Great Lakes Fiber Festival. I might be accepting a ride there from Kraftie, so I might move the meetup up a bit. We will see. That might be best since Azia can’t go, and I sure don’t want to drive the truck all the way there. And with the record of Brian ALWAYS getting himself hurt or stung or something on show day every year I want him to have the van available. But like I said we will see.. I might just drive myself down and be freeeee! Well List tomorrow… booty on Saturday and then some!

Bop on over to  my Lion Blog to see my latest finished object. I just cast off last night and I think it needs a slight bit of tweaking.

PS. One last note.. I have gotten alot of great comments and feedback on the knit as you go I-cord.. all on the boards and forums.. just in case you havn’t seen the comments link since I switched themes.. it’s up at the top of the posts now!! So please drop me a line!

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