The Shopping List..

  1. Size 3 32″ circular needle, so I can make the Fiddlehead Scarf I bought the ‘kit’ for at Rhinebeck
  2. 300 yards of Manos de Urguay or other similar wool to knit up the felted ‘yoga’ bag from Loom Knitting Primer to carry my softball bats in!
  3. Some kind of bulky-ish cotton yarn.
  4. A yarn meter..perhaps to measure yardage.
  5. Some Habu wool and another cone of the steel wool blend to make a cool felted scarf!
  6. 1700 yards of a laceweight that I can actually wear to make this pattern that I just bought.
  7. Briar Rose Sonoma.. so I can make something with the skein I just unraveled! (just needs a second skein to go with it!
  8. Oooh yeah sock blockers.. if they have a bit of pizazz!

That should do it!

Let’s see..I excersise one more session today, get a little more laundry work done and I am set!

I havn’t heard from anyone about meeting up.. I will need to change the time to 11a.m. As I am getting a ride there now! Same place! So any loom knitters or others showing up.. meet me here! Let me know you are coming!!!


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