Why Bother?

We all have one of those days… when we really should pull out the old carpet cleaner and scrub the dining room rug..


Then again why bother? When you can just pull it up and put down something else???


Anyone besides me feeling deja-vu?

This is the first time in over a year that Brian can walk into the dining room without his lung tightening up! So it’s all good!

3 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. oh…i highly recommend no carpet. it’s right up there with ice cream. i have horrible allergies—when we pulled up our carpet, they were significantly relieved! i recommend it, even though our living room floor looks horrid. my nose and lungs are hap-happy!

  2. Hi Denise,

    My, you are the busy one! Agree that life (and breathing) is better without wall to wall carpeting. Somehow never felt the carpet was really clean even after a good scrubbing.

    This is way off track but have got to share yesterday’s adventure with you. Spent the day at The Mannings Weaving School in East Berlin, PA taking a workshop on Spinning in the Old Way. It was GREAT!! Terrific way to make sure I’m on the right track with the historic demos I do — even tho I’m a non-spinner.

    Took my drop spindle with my pathetic attempts at using it. Need to take real lessons on it but in the meantime have given myself “permission” to simply practice and realize that some perfectly fine roving will have to be sacrificed. Now, to dust off my Walking Wheel and try my hand at that!

    Since there was a “show and tell” took along the a-just-a loom I bought from Isela last year. They were facinated with it. I was the only one who does (or at least attempts) 18th century knitting so there were a few questions about that. And, I even knew the answers.

    A fun way to spend the day.

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