do something for Kelsey’s family.

I am not sure why, but when I heard the news about Kesley Smith being abducted I felt compelled to go the the website her parents had set up. Perhaps it was a personal connection to the family through the loom knitting groups..or just being a mom myself and knowing the extreme fear I would feel if one of my children was missing.

Then I felt the need to put the button for the site on my blog sidebar. Last night the first thing I heard when I got in the car to take the kids to the park was that they had found her body. Again I feel compelled to take action. I thought we could make squares and do blankets for the family. Or something along that line..

Then I thought.. why not a group effort to make some simple prayer shawls for her grandmother and mother? It can be done.. I have a skein of Lion Brand Homespun in the color Corinthian. If I and two other people do the following it will work.. Use a Yellow Knifty Knitter Loom and cast on all a flat peice back and forth in the garter stitch pattern till your skein has just about run out (leave a yard long tail for me to join them.) Then use some waste yarn to remove the stitches from the loom so they are still ‘live’ and send it to me. This will take care of one.. if I have someone who will start the second one and two other volunteers who will make the other two parts please let me know!

I will join the peices and get them sent on their way.

I would also love to do something for Her Dad and her boyfriend. So how about school color scarves (or if I get enough squares.. blankets!) Please make a square in a black or gold color, let’s say 6’x6′ (small enough for a scarf peice, but large enough to work into a blanket) I will again join them and get them on their way. These can be needle knit, or however you want to make them, just as long as they are 6’x6′.  Let’s use wool or a wool blend in a worsted weight for these if possible.

If you make a square or prayer shawl section please pin a little note of encouragement on it with your name I will leave these messages on your peice for the family to read.

If you are interested in helping please contact me.. (see link at top of page) and put in the subject line, prayer shawl if you are interested in working on that, or scarf if you want to help with that. I will send you my address so you can send in your squares.

Thanks! Let’s send some comfort to Kelsey’s family.

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  1. What a wonderful kind thought! I am from the greater Kansas City area and the mother of two adult daughters. This story just broke my heart. I had so hoped for a different outcome.

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