How To’s-Day:Clean the House and Windows Fast!

howtosday-icon.jpgWe preempt our regularly scheduled tutorial for a bit of a cleaning lesson.. How-to-clean-your-house-very-quickly-and-‘baby’-proof-it-because-your-sister-in-law-is-coming-over-to-stay-for-a-few-days-with-her-two-little-guys-for-a-much-needed-break-cause-her-hubby-is-in-Iraq……

I’ll be back next week with a little tutorial on using those flower looms! They are fun! Maybe Azia will help me, and we can make a video!!

My little window cleaning tip! Take a cue from the gas station! Get yourself a window cleaner tool like they have there at the pumps and use it on your windows! Be sure to have a cloth to keep the squeegie side clean and to wipe off the bottom of the window!

Fast Window Cleaning Tip

Some neat Free Loom Knitting patterns to help with your house cleaning!

Dishwashing Mitt

Towel Toppers

Monogram B Dishcloth (really cute!)


Swiffer Cover!

Broom Topper (I need one of these!)

And just in case you really want some cleaning tips here are a few sites for you to check out!

Fly Lady

HouseKeeping Channel

Home Cleaning Journal

Home Made Simple

Remember.. the faster you get the house cleaned, the more time for looming!!!


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  1. You almost make it seem bearable! Thanks for the links – I will have to get one of those wipers – great idea!

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