How To’s Day: Saving More Money = More Money for Yarn!

Howtosday icon It’s been a while since I have done a How To’s Day so I thought I would tell you about a new smart phone app that I found that is really handy!

It’s called Favado. It is an app that you can use to match up sales with coupons at your favorite stores so you can save even more money.. and we all know what that means!! More money for YARN!!!

But seriously.. this app is great.. if you have a smart phone I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out! With Thanksgiving coming up here is a little info graphic on what how much you can save!

Slash Your Holiday Feast Budget with Favado

There are several stores in the database, including national stores and a whole lot of local chains as well. I even used this app to see what was on sale at the local store when I recently went up to New York state!

Every little bit counts!!! Remember..the more you save on your groceries,the more cash you have to add to your stash!!!

How To’s day! Sew What?

howtosday-icon-thumbRecently one of my favorite designers, Natalie Chanin, had a garage sale on her website. I have sewn a few pieces before, based on her designs, and have even done a simple skirt from one of her DIY kits and enjoyed them thoroughly!

Well, the garage sale was mostly for finished pieces, and I even popped on in the cart one day, but didn’t get it. Then after the second day, I realized that there were also DIY kits and materials for sale! So I snagged a t-shirt kit!

Happy happy joy joy! (and quite a bargain too!)

iPhone2013 048

If you have never gotten mail from the Alabama Chanin company, well just the package is a treat! The boxes and envelopes are all stenciled!! And you feel as if you are opening a present!

iPhone2013 050

So there was the kit waiting to be sewn up and cut up!!

My design choices:

Reverse applique, backstitch around the stenciling, knots on the outside.

I did knots on the outside as a sort of homage to Brian’s Grandmother. She was always going after us for little stray threads on our clothes. It was if she had a sort of sixth sense for them! No straggling stray would escape her sight, out would come the scissors and off with it!

So having the knots on the outside.. well that would just drive her crazy now wouldn’t it.. No.. I really liked her!!! I just like to have a spot of fun with people!!

So on to the sewing..

iPhone2013 001

First pin the backing material behind the stencil part!

Then, backstitch around all the flower shapes..

iPhone2013 005

And cut out the centers to reveal the backing fabric.

It took me about two nights to do the main shapes, and another two to do all the fiddly bits, and cutting and securing the backing fabric.

iPhone2013 010

Then a little practice on the stitch I wanted to use on the neckline..

Cut out the old crew neck and pin in the fabric cut from the bottom edge of the shirt in it’s place!

iPhone2013 009

And then finally once that is all done, time to sew in the label!

iPhone2013 003

And…. voila! She is finished!

iPhone2013 001


I will have to share some photos, of my other pieces.. the ones I have sewn, and my rescues off Ebay! Some how most of them have been in the same color scheme, so it’s nice I can mix and match a bit now!

I had a request a while back for how to make log cabin squared on  a loom. I thing I will get that going.. but as you will see from tomorrow’s post I have a little something to get cleared off my ‘plate’ first!

How To’s Day!
How to get a little cash to enhance your stash!

Howtosday iconWho couldn’t use a little extra cash to buy a little more yarn, some nice Addi turbos, another knitting loom,  or I suppose if you are so inclined.. a Christmas present or two?

I just found a way to get $25 and it couldn’t be easier!



American Express is offering a $25 bonus when you sign up for their prepaid Serve card. All you do is sign up, activate the card, load the card with $25 before December 31, and they will match it!


Disclaimer: I am getting nothing from sharing this offer, but the joy of enabling my fellow knitters to get ever closer to S.A.B.L.E. *

So go forth! And get some $$$ to enhance your stash today! Click here!



* S.A.B.L.E. = Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy!