Blogging on the front Porch

Well I am sitting here on the front porch enjoying the view. The sliders are taking off and landing at the air port across the street. Nice and quiet. sigh! Brian is working hard! He likes his office this week: It has a nice view.

 office with a view

Didn’t get to knit on the drive since I did most of the driving and today was spent on a shopping trip with just the girls. So knitting later! I have a few things I want to try out!

3 thoughts on “Blogging on the front Porch

  1. And here I thought we might not be hearing from you. Isn’t it cool that we can “talk” no matter where we are.

    Was gorgeous here, too. Today was my husband’s birthday so did some celebrating along with yard work!

    Had dinner out in his honor at a local restaurant that’s recently changed management and now features New Orleans dishes along with classic favorites.

    Wonderful evening — am blissfully full.

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