I am trying to knit a shawl for my Mother. She would love a nice lacey one like Icarus but I admit that is just beyond my skill level I just can’t seem to manage lace. Textured knitting sure.. simple lace patterns sure.. but not that!

So I have tried a few patterns and I just bought one that I thought would work for me.. and started it last night. Well.. It’s just THE WORST PATTERN WRITTEN EVER! I sat there and worked through the first 5 rows no problem.. they are set up rows.. and then the lacey section started. WELL it was totally unclear what to do. It switched from the written out instructions to the pattern stitch instructions.. did not tell how many times to repeat the pattern stitch, and was just generally so vague I gave up! I even had Ashley look at it and she agreed. I can generally follow patterns, I am an intellegent person.. I can even follow vague patterns to a degree but this one took the cake! And the worst thing is I PAID for it! So I am going back to some of the free patterns I have dug through to try again! I think I will end up with the Strawberry  pie shawl.. or the Flower petal shawl.. simple easy.. the strawberry pie shawl is still on the vague side but with enough good information that someone can work it out!
I really really just want to get this done for my Mommy!!!! You know! She worked hard, she put up with me.. she deserves something pretty! So hey any suggestions throw them my way. It is a DK weight yarn I am working with it’s a little bit textured.. so a fancy lace won’t work.. something simple but pretty!!! HALP!

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  1. Since time is the issue, have you considered the One Skein Shawl pattern over at I know Lisa from Pegs & Needles has done it in both lace weight and sock weight yarns with tremendous success. I’m giving it a go, but I wouldn’t call what I’m knitting a success, just yet! Still very much a newbie with needles .

  2. How about a shawl in Feathers & Fan (aka Old Shale)? My attempts at tackling lacy or even simple open work were pretty sad and ended in frustration. Read somewhere to use markers to mark the repeats. Was the a ha moment I needed.

    The Very Easy Ripple Shawl on the Lion Brand Web Site is Feathers & Fan. Haven’t tried it but did make a scarf from another patter I had on #8 needles and used a lighter weight worsted yarn. Turned out nice. Feather & Fan lends itself pretty well to any size needle or yarn.

    Good luck!

  3. I’d second the vote for the Forest Canopy shawl. It’s written with beginners in mind, and uses a sport weight yarn so it’s a bit easier to manage. You can also use a laceweight and just do more pattern repeats if you want it bigger. Keep at it, it does get easier.

  4. If you don’t mind my plugging my new book, I designed the Julia shawl in it to be as simple as possible for beginning laceknitters: the whole thing is six stitches, repeated forever to the length you want, and it comes out gorgeous. The shaping is a bit better than the Strawberry Pie (which was my initial attempt at this sort of thing) and the instructions are much better–written out well, and charted, too.

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