Welcome to the July 15, 2007 edition of yarnival!.Sorry it took a little longer to post than I would like  it seems I am not completely ‘back in the saddle again” but hopefully this internet trouble that has plagued me will be over soon! Enjoy!

I’m a homeschooling Mom and we follow a pretty traditional school year here since we use the Ohio Virtual Acadamy for our schooling. So that means I like to use the summer time to work on learning new knitting techniques and experiment. It seems I am not alone!

Learning a new Trick or two! 

Pooch tells us What She Learned at Summer Camp “Wherein an old dog learns a new trick!”

 This one already came in handy for me! I hope you all find it useful too! Abigail shows us the  Garter Stitch Graft , “A tutorial on the Garter Stitch graft, that makes every one crazy.”

And a very handy tutorial Jennifer shows us how to do a double knit button band..Tutorial: Double Knit Button Band posted at pieKnits.

Getting Creative and knitting outside the pattern!

Kathy Schultz submittet Substance over Form posted at Knitwit’s Revenge, In this post she describes how she went from a very uptight, by-the-rules knitter to a creative free-spirit knitting artist.”

Lindsay presents I can be quirky too, dammit! posted at Type-K.

Socks and shawls the summer travel knitting of choice shows up alot in blogs over the summertime!

Liz yearns for freedom from her sock woes in  The Break-Up posted at Crossroad Knits.

And Melanie wonders about the affliction of ADKD in socks at hand posted at poetic knits.

Showing off some Shawls…

Kim presents Wedding Ring Shawl posted at missalicefaye, saying, “She finished a beautiful wedding ring shawl (yes, the one from Heirloom Knitting!)”

Kim presents From Susan ? I?m Proud as a You-Know-What! posted at theraineysisters.com, saying, “Finished Peacock Feathers shawl! And detailed description of her blocking process.

As I am struggling with my first shawl I am quite impressed!!

And some knits and more just for fun!!

Megan Tingle presents R2D2 Hat Recon posted at mega(k)nits, saying, “A pattern for a kick-a** R2D2 knit hat. :)”

Kim presents Knit Night Cupcakes posted at VeganYumYum.

And Waxing poetic about learning to knit is Lindsay Early Knitting Adventures, Part 1, 2 & 3 posted at Type-K.

Charitable knits..

With the tradgedy at Virginia Tech came some great acts of charity. Many knitters came together to put together blankets for the families of the victims of this tradgedy. Mary presents Whirlwind Weekend… posted at Virgin Wool, saying, “A post about my trip to Virginia Tech for the sewing party to sew together donated knitted and crocheted squares for Hokie Healing Blankets” And at the Mosaic Yarn shop blog they reveal the efforts of many hands at work to help the victims of Tthis tradgedy in a Big Unveiling! Thanks to all of you who helped!

The misisng hunk…

There has been something missing from the last few episodes of Yarnival!! Where are the hunks?? No one nominated one this time so (Sorry to my hubby) I thought I would.. Who can resist a guy who knits? So I nominate Jared at  Brooklyn Tweed as this months hunk!  Not only can he knit.. he can knit VERY WELL go on check it out… His photos are to die for too!! 

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of yarnival! using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


6 responses to “YARNIVAL!!!”

  1. Thanks for including our blog in the new Yarnival!

  2. It’s my first Yarnival! Whippeee!!!!
    I was going to whine about the lack of quality pictures of Jared the Wonder Knitter, and then I paged down to see everthing he’s knitted. Dog! He’s got skills!

  3. Garter Stitch Graft rocks! Thanx

  4. Debbie Avatar

    Glad you’re internet woes are over. Gosh, they plague us all.

    I’ve just finished my first Monmouth Cap (type worn on the PBS Colonial House series a few years back). Turned out well. My son has laid claim to it already so will have to “borrow” it from him when I’m doing historic demos.

    The 18th century knitting patterns I ordered arrived the other day. Anxious to try some of them.

    Thanks for the Yarnival. Can’t wait to check out some of the links.

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