Ahh.. such a nice peaceful scene… this is my dog 99% of the time…

George makes a nice pillow!

You wouldn’t think that such a nice quiet peaceful doggie would be trouble.. but she is with a capital T that other 1% of the time!!!

Right after I pulled out of the parking spot at Lofty Lou’s out in Placerville I got a call. There had been and incident with Rudy. She had pulled out of the dog sitter’s hand; ran straight over to the neighbors yard, and nipped their dog. This is the second time she has had an incident of this kind with another dog.. and both were dogs of the same neighbor. The other one was about 5 years ago.. so I have been working very hard to keep peace with the neighbor and my dog..We will see what happens.. she called the police in this time. I have no idea what to expect. So far it has been pretty quiet..

The other pet news is that we are down one kitten.. one of them didn’t make it through the second week. The remaining two are just sooo cute! And seem to be perfectly healthy. I’ll get some gratuitous kitten shots to share with you later today.. that is if my camera is working.. the LCD screen went bad sometime during the TSA screening.. that’s 3 right.. nothing else can go wrong now!

4 thoughts on “Dog-nab-it

  1. Uh oh. Poor Rudy. Hopefully the police don’t make a big deal about one dog nipping another. At least the dog didn’t rip the neighbors dog in half.

  2. Don’t say that! I know that bad things are suppose to happen in threes. However last year, it was a multiple of 3’s for us. Quick, go get a horse shoe! And avoid walking under ladders!!! hehehe

    I’m so sorry to hear of Rudy’s temper and the loss of the kitten.

  3. Awwww poor Rudy, she truly looks sorry. And you know how dogs are such a good judge of character… the neighbour’s dog probably provoked her!! When it comes time to take a plea Rudy was framed, framed I say! 🙂

  4. Seriously?!??!! The POLICE!!!! They’re DOGS for crimeny sake! They do stuff like that! I can just imagine the poor cop that had to answer the call. :o) I’ve got a pup as well, and it’s always a little nerve wracking to have to deal with the public. The other day a pizza man came walking into our back yard while pup was outside. He thought our house was the neighbor’s house. What if pup had bit him? Would have been our fault, when pup would have had every right to go after the intruder! Anyway….gotta finish reading your posts….I’ve fallen a bit behind!

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