14 years later…

And I still love him just as much love him more!!!


And we have that psychic connection that is beyond words… I have been thinking heavily about getting a membership to the local YMCA, in fact I wanted to get an area wide membership so we can go to all the YMCA’s in the county.. and what does he come home with for my anniversary present? The YMCA memberships!!! WOO HOO..and I was actually going to stop there tonight and check into things!! I still will wanna see what classes I can get the kids in! Hopefully they have the homeschool gym class again!

And he brought me home a Llama.. ok.. not a real one a little one it’s cuute!

5 thoughts on “14 years later…

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! That’s so cool about your husband knowing exactly what you wanted! I wish we had a YMCA to join around here…closest is about 30 miles away. My 15 yr daughter and I go to Curves, but I’d like to do something with the whole family. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 27th last week.

    This month has been sooo busy with all sorts of major meetings and events. The very best is this coming weekend when we have our Colonial Faire at the historic site. We’re all working like mad getting things ready.

  3. What does the homeschooling, work at home Mom want most? A CHANCE TO ESCAPE! It seemed to make sense, but I was sure it would be a flop…

  4. You Two, are a cute couple!!!
    Congrats on your 14th Wedding Anniversary!!

    Blessings of many more!

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