A Fall Sale on Patterns!!

I am switching over to E-Junkie to store and deliver my patterns. So it seems like a good time to have a sale!

It will take me a few days to get all the patterns switched over, and the new sale pages up so bear with me!

On any pattern sale page that you see this add to cart symbol… add_to_cart.gif that means I have switched that pattern  to E-Junkie, so you can use the coupon code: fallsale  and you will get $1.00 off the price of the pattern!*

So celebrate with fall with me and enjoy some savings! It’s a great time to get your Christmas knitting started!!

And if you sell patterns or other printed materials online, I highly reccomend E-Junkie they are by far the most reasonable digital storage and delivery company on the web that I have found so far!


*As always, I am able to take checks and money orders for those who do not want to make purchases on line, the discount will apply to these purchases as well, simply email me, mention the sale code and the patterns you want and I will be glad to work with you to get you the patterns you need!

2 thoughts on “A Fall Sale on Patterns!!

  1. Although ejunkie gives you 50MB of space for $5 per month they limit you to 10 items. IPM which I use, gives you only 20MB of space for the same price per month but there is no limit on items. I have 17 items for sale and have used only 20% of my space. So for my buck IPM is better. I have used them for 2 yrs and can vouch for superior service. They also ONLY charge a monthly subscription fee, there is no bandwidth cost, no per transaction fee or any other hidden fees.

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