Knit Picks Test Knits…

I wasn’t going to admit that I knit these.. They are definitely not my taste.. but I guess I willl..

 Arm Warmers

They were a fun fast knit.. I love the color..

Now THIS.. I will claim.. I love this sweater they almost didn’t get this one back!!

Fibonacci Flip by Knit Picks

A great first steeking project! And it was an amazingly fast knit!

Here is a photo before I prepped to cut the steeks!

I have to do what?

OOPS I think I forgot something… oh yeah, the arm holes!!!

Fibonacci Flip sweater in progress!

Oh there they are!! See it’ doesn’ look so pretty at this stage!!!

Seriously I love getting paid to knit.. It slows down my bloggin though cause I can’t show it to you while I am making it.. and I am usually only working on the work project at the time.. so.. hey ya’ll have to bear with some down time on the knitting posts!

2 thoughts on “Knit Picks Test Knits…

  1. Now you could consider them fingerless mitts! Although they are a bit fancy for the 18th century ones I need to make. Nope, haven’t tackled them or socks, yet. And, still cheat and start my hats on short circulars before switching to double points. Sssh! Don’t tell.

    Pretty stitches and beautiful yarn. The sweater is gorgeous. Now, what’s steeking? Is that when you actually cut your knitting? Scary technique!!!

  2. Well, congrats again, and thanks for a look at what steeking might entail. Makes me nervous, but I am determined to learn, and maybe making this sweater will be the way to do it. I have so much left to learn about knitting with needles, I guess I won’t be doing loom work soon. Looks like fun, though, and I admire your creativity.

    Where do you get a dress (sweater) form? Seems like a good thing to have!

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