A new hobby…???

My afternoon started out much differently, than it ended. We had lunch and then started walking down to my friend Wendy’s house so our kids could play together. I had some ‘work’ knitting in tow and was looking forward to enjoying a pleasant afternoon of knitting, chatting and watching the kids play.

Then things took a turn..

I seem to have started a new hobby…

I have a sticker collection…

 My Sticker Collection

Not exactly the new hobby I wanted to pick up.. crochet maybe.. hairpin lace, perhaps.. but certainly not Emergency Room Visitor Badge Collecting!

It’s Jaxom this time.. we are home and he is sleeping.. and he will be ok..it will take a bit of time though..and a few doctor appts..

The rest of the story later.. in.. Paging Dr. Gupta Take Two.. for now..I need a nice cup of tea and some sleep!

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