Paging Dr. Gupta.. Take Two..

This post is not for the squeamish… just a heads up!

As I was saying, my afternoon on Sunday took a BIG turn. The kids and I were headed down to my friends house to go play on their new trampoline.

It was just beautiful out. Sunny and warm. One of the few days like that we will have this year. Jaxom and Azia took their bikes  and zoomed ahead of us while Caleb and Julian and I walked behind. I had my knitting in my smaller bag so I could sit and chat and knit while the kids played. All was well.

Then Azia came back around the corner. She was saying that Jaxom needed me. I asked why.. figuring he had tipped his bike and fallen. She didn’t say, I asked again, she didn’t say.. I asked a third time and she said his nose was bleeding really bad. Well I couldn’t just run straight to him like I wanted at that point. I had my two little ones in tow and we were on the busier of the two streets. SO I got east coast mamma on them and litterally started dragging them both behind me as I rushed toward the side street to get to Jaxom.

When I turned the corner he was making his way toward me. Hands up to his face, and just absolutely covered in blood. In the next .001 second the following thoughts went through my head..

What do I do?

Should I call 911?

 No I can handle this.

What do I have to stop that bleeding?

Quick, inventory..

I have nothing!

Wow.. Douglas Adams was right, a towel would be a handy thing to have with you at all times!*

No wait, I have my kniting bag.

No I can’t use that!

I could whip  off my shirt and use it.

No I can’t do that!
My knitting? ooh no I have a deadline!!

Oh his shirt.. yeah that will work.

I need help, I need to call Brian..

So I grabbed Jaxom, and told him we are going to pull up your shirt and use it to stop the bleeding.. we managed to get the shirt off his arms and up so I could get it on his nose and get pressure on it. I got his helmet off too and out of the way.

He was shaking and crying and I was afraid he was going into shock.

I kicked the helmet to Julian and told him to grab it, I threw the knitting bag to Caleb and told him to carry it, and told Azia to drop her bike and herd the boys toward Wendy’s house which was the closest. I started heading Jaxom that way as well and grabbed my phone to call Brian.

No answer.

I called Wendy, let her know what was happening where we were and please bring ice.

We kept making our way down the street to her house and she ran out with ice and some washcloths.

We got to their house and got him cleaned up and settled. Tried to call Brian again, but still  no answer.. turns out his phone was basically dead..

So Wendy jumped in the car and went up to get him….

Jaxom’s Bike Helmet

To be continued… there happens to be a bulldozer poised and ready to dig in my yard.. should I grab a a towel?

*Yes.. I did ACTUALLY think that…

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1 thought on “Paging Dr. Gupta.. Take Two..

  1. kids definitely make life interesting…one has to live at the edge of the sit and with our hearts in our throats!

    That helmet reminds me of Bryant’s after a little mishap down one of the steep driveways in our cul de sac. It involved him, a little scooter and going down at about 10 miles per hour and then kissing the ground and blood all over his forehead. He still has what we call the HP scar going on. The helmet lost a big chunk of one of the sides…just grateful it was the helmet and not his noggin!

    Waiting to hear the rest of the story :).

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