So What Have I Been up To?

Wow! It’s been a while.. I have been knitting and working and many of you may have seen my latest book that came out last year!

If not here it is!

I like this one it was fun to knit hats! They are a quick and easy project! My favorite is the one on the top left with the flower pin!! So easy that one!

Another thing I have been doing is knitting a lot of prayer shawls and a few items for commission. I have knitted a log cabin blanket, a mermaid tail and a whole whack of prayer shawls.

Lately, I have been researching for another book project with my mother, that is a bit different than my other ones. It has involved, and will involve, some travel to go see some really neat items! I can’t talk about it just yet… but I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have also been starting on a journey to make my home healthier! Eliminating chemicals and cleaning naturally by using essential oils and other products. I am going to try to start blogging a bit more often. At least once a week and updating the site so keep watching this space!

T minus Tuesday

I will admit it.. I am a bit of an astronomy geek. When I know the space station is going overhead I will run out and watch it and wave.. like they could see me right? LOL Who knows.. maybe they look down and wonder sometimes if anyone is looking up!

Well we tried to watch the Minotaur rocket launch tonight. We saw something that in the end thought was just a plane contrail. But as I looked at photos others had taken of the launch it turns out there is a possibility that it WAS the rocket. Which is pretty cool!

So did any of you see it?

Silent Sunday…

Well..ok not exactly silent!! But we did have a silent auction at church to support our kids club today.. and there was a little last minute bidding war on one of my knitted items.

It was fun! I got a cute little Christmas Decoration. We raised a nice amount for Kid’s Club which is good.. cause we have been blessed with ALOT of kids each week!