My friend got a job… so I got a job!!

Watching her kids!

I am going to watch them a couple afternoons a week.. we will see how this goes and whether or not I will watch them down there.. (at the house we were headed to when Jaxom ran into the tree) or up here!

For now up here I will watch them on Monday, but not Friday.. as I will be on my way to Rhinebeck!! WOO HOOO!!!
Anyone headed to Rhinebeck want a kitten?? I think I am delivering at least one..

I am playing Blogger Bingo again so look me up! I am a square!!! (see my about page for my photo.. and that is the shawl I will be wearing.. )

Places you will not find me..

In the line for Socks that Rock yarn..

Everywhere else!!! I will be checking out the Hitchhiker spinning wheel booth thoroughly..yeah I am crazy!!

 AND I will definitely be hanging out at AREA 41.. mwah hahaha.. big book signing event there.. I want to get a copy of Clara Parkes new book:

 I think it is a must have for designers..and definitely a must have for me as I start a bit of a learning spree..

I am still trying to see if I can get this camera back up and running.. but it seems that after it’s run in with the TSA it has finally succumbed to its injuries and died.

Of course had Brian known that on Saturday we would have gotten a new one. Le sigh..

Dad is doing well, thanks for all your happy thoughts and prayers, and Jaxom’s nose and face are looking quite normal.. aside from the little bit of black eye left you might not be able to recognize me by the fact that I am hanging out at Rhinebeck with a bruised and battered boy! Sorry you will just have to find me the hard way!!

The bad news is that my cat back home in NJ died.. poor thing.. ah well he was old..and very well cared for and loved by my Aunt!

Out for now.. any loom knitters going to Rhinebeck who want to meet up?? Let me know!

hmm ok

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