Help me out I am Brain Dead!

Ok.. here is is: please sum me up in 3 sentences!! Yep you get to be my PR person because I am brain dead and Brian is out hunting!!

If I like what you write and use it I will send you something pretty!

Hows that sound for a deal?

6 thoughts on “Help me out I am Brain Dead!

  1. How about the short and simple of it all: Denise manages to be a knitting-designing genius, while sheparding kids and husband. That she finds the time to write and share her life with everyone makes her no less than magical.

    Hogs & Kisses to you!

  2. Denise is a crazy woman that gets a thousand things done for the loom knitting community while also managing her household 🙂

  3. I’ve already won the wool so I’m not here for the “something pretty” because I already have it 🙂 But I just couldn’t resist “summing” you up LOL.
    Denise is a remarkable woman balancing husband, children, and her loom knitting with perfect precision. Her house may not be the most organized (I’m guessing from some of what you’ve written on your blog :)) but her passion for looming is. Quick to help with a smile and a laugh, you will find Denise both entertaining and delightful 🙂

  4. I am looking for a easy baby and toddlers mitten pattern. I am very new at this knit looming. Can anyone help


  5. The wonderfully talented Denise manages to do brilliant knitting patterns while home schooling her kids and managing her husband.Wish we could all be like her.

  6. Hey – what’s all this managing her husband stuff??? Feeding, washing and dressing sure! But mananging? ;P

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