FO Friday…

Ok.. well I did finish it on Friday.. just took till today to tell you about it!

Fiddlehead Scarf

Pattern: Fiddlehead Scarf from a Kit by Morehouse Merino

Yarn: Morehouse Merino laceweight.. also in the kit!

Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars size    32″

Notes: I didn’t alter the pattern at all. It was fun to knit, and I could have kept going but I decided to stop at 8 fiddle-heads..I still have to block it.. wishing I had blocking wires for this one! Oh well.. pins it will be, but probably not till Monday I wanna wear it tomorrow!

Looks like I will be doing some surprise travelling this week.. tell you about it later!!!


5 thoughts on “FO Friday…

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  2. Beautiful scarf! Love the color and the pattern. You will be gorgeous in it as you jet set about.

  3. Love the scarf!! Will this pattern be converted to a loom??? I don’t knit and would love to be able to re-create this look using a loom.

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