On confidence…

So often we sell ourselves short. We just don’t have confidence in ourselves, or value our own work, and worth. We tend to only see our mistakes and shortcomings.

That was certainly the case tonight for me. It was our annual knitting guild dinner, and this year we had a little competition.

Each member was given a skein of yarn to knit whatever we wanted. We could add up to one skein of an equal amount of yarn, or just do a one skein project. I put this in the competition:

Koolhaas Hat and Mittens!

I have to admit when I saw all the items brought out and placed on the table I silently sighed to myself resigned to defeat. There were such nice things. A great wreath, a cute lapghan, a couple of pillows, a wrap, a scarf and a cabled bag. All of them looked so nice. Well I thought, at least there is an honorable mention category! Perhaps I have a chance for that.

The little lapghan got the honorable mention prize. I sighed again. The shoulder wrap got the third prize. Then when the judge reached over and picked up my hat and mitten set and said they won second prize* I let out an audible gasp, and my chin dropped to the table! Wow!!

The cabled bag won first prize. It was really cute.

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store for a few things. As I walked around the store I felt like I had grown two inches!

Heck.. I even honked my horn at a guy that pulled out in front of me on the drive home..

Somebody stop me!

*the prize:Verilux Portable Lamp / Ivory

PS> Jared thanks for the great pattern for the hat! And the inspiration for the mittens!

PPS> Kathy Z! I will get that little tutorial up.. How To’s Day will simply have to move to Thursday this week! Today was just too crazy!!

5 thoughts on “On confidence…

  1. CONGRATS! Those are gorgeous and I am glad you had the confidence to enter them. Keep Standing Tall

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! You have every right to be proud because these are beautiful. The color and pattern are gorgeous. You inspire all of us!

  3. Wow, what an awesome prize! Congratulatons on the win – the hat and mittens really are beautiful!

  4. I told myself that I was just going to read my growing list of blogs in google reader tonight and leave no comments (I have to catch up!) but I couldn’t resist this 🙂 If I was the judges I would have given you “grand pubah” prize!! Your hat and mittens look stunning 🙂 Great job Denise!

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