Worse than the kids!

So do you have anyone in your family like this..

Oooooh. Present?

 He finds out where his Christmas present is hidden because you HAVE to get the ice melting salt out of the closet downstairs and you can’t lift it yourself..

Then the game begins..

Keep away!

He is sooo worse than the kids!

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3 thoughts on “Worse than the kids!

  1. Goodness sakes, doesn’t every married woman have one of those kinds of husbands?! It’s the very reason I hide the Hubster’s gifts next to the vacuum in the coat closet. He’d *never* look there because he believes the House Fairies do the housework! LOL

  2. No – mine tells me what he got me as soon as it arrives – so I have no surprises under the tree. And I’m all about surprises. So he has to go out and buy something new. hehehehe.

    I love the pure uncontrolled joy and child-like happiness exuding from everyone’s faces in these pictures.

  3. no I just don’t buy him anything until right before, it is the only last mninute shopping i do! Good luck, perhaps your stash needs to moved forward so that there is a secret compartment behind it, he’d never look there!

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