Flames and pandamonium!!

And I missed it!! I tried I ran for my camera! But I was too late. Brian put out the most spectacular kitchen fire to date with speed and efficiency.. sigh.

The only thing harmed in this episode were the two unsuspecting waffles that had been accidentally left in the toaster oven and then overlooked when it was started up to cook dinner…

3 thoughts on “Flames and pandamonium!!

  1. What do you think it says about us that, when faced with a fire, our first impulse is to take a picture so we can blog about it rather than, you know, putting it out?
    Im with you on this.

  2. I’m leaning toward installing the whole house sprinkler system before it is to late! Tell Mini-Me I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY – I didn’t get a moment to call today.

  3. You know, I wanted to put up a pic of the burned up space heater after our fire fiasco but hubby had thrown it away. I like to blog but not enough to climb into the garbage can, lol. We once had a pretty big kitchen fire because someone had put a hotpad on a burner that was still hot. Sheesh! It’s a wonder our house is still standing! I’m glad no one was hurt in your pyro-event.

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