We Want to s(watch) Knitty Gritty!!!

If you are annoyed that Knitty Gritty has been basically tossed aside in favor of other shows on DIY, then listen up!
When the networks canceled the show Jericho there was an outrage and outpouring of support. The fans did a crazy thing. They each send 1 peanut to the network! On May 29th the network received 10,000 pounds of peanuts.. Needless to say Jericho is back!
So let’s follow suit! There is a campaign on to bring Knitty Gritty back to a decent hour, and get more new shows aired!
Simply do this.. Knit a 7×9 swatch out of acrylic, or other washable yarn. And send it to the network at:

Scripps Networks ATTN: Freddy James VP  Programming Director P.O. Box 51850 Knoxville, TN 37950

We want to try to get the bulk of them there on Valentines day! So put a note on the swatch that you love Knitty Gritty! We are encouraging Scripps to send the swatches they receive to Warm Up America.
Please.. if you love Knitty Gritty, join us and lets flood the network’s mailbox with Knitty Love!!
And get the word out on your blog or whatever forum you are member of where you think that there would be interested knitters!!

Edited to add: I wanted to add the link for the patterns at Warm Up America! Just a bit of a guidline for ya when making these squares! Thanks!

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