Well what can I say? It’s Friday. I don’t have a finished object to show you, but I hope I will soon. I have picked up the Pi Shawl and have been working on it. It is just what the doctor ordered. Semi mindless knitting. The geometric pattern of the lace is easy to follow so I can just do it visually. My Mom’s birthday is in early March. I might make it. I am in the last section!! Then I have to decide on an edging. I think I will copy Kelly and do the edging from the Spanish Christening Shawl in the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Keep routing for me!!! At least I need to finish it before we go to Hawaii in May (oooh what you say? More on that later!)

Azia did finish something this week! She passed level 1 of the United States Figure Skating Basic Skills Program!! Go Azia!


On to level 2 next week!  And she is very happy with her new skates! I am so impressed with the improvement she has made since she started!

In the mean time, since I have nothing knitterly to show you…



Or Black???


Waddya think?

10 thoughts on “FRIIIIIDDDAAAAY!

  1. I’m partial to white.
    Black appliances remind me of something in science…large, black holes. Won’t everything get sucked into it I wonder? No flat panel TV’s for me!

  2. I’m all for matching appliance colors. Since oven is black, that’s what I vote for.

    Congrats to Azia! And good luck on level 2. (I would say “break a leg” but that seems inappropriate considering it’s skating hehe)

  3. ope, gotta go with the black to go with the oven. Its not a black hole – its sleek and modern and non-parental

  4. Good for Azia!
    I’d go for white, black is just so… um… dark. Hey someday you’ll replace the oven, right? Besides the oven has some white on it.

  5. I would use the white. Not only because I’m partial to white, but it makes the space look larger and brighter. There is white in the oven on your range hood is white. So, I vote White!!


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