Some KWON Related Videos Uncovered!!!

One of the peices of swag Brian brought home from SXSW was a can cozie from blinkx. Blinkx is a video search site that I had not discovered yet. So I thought I would check it out.

I found some a couple loom knitting and KWON related videos that you probably have never seen before..

First up a video about making a scarf on a knitting loom. This is apparently a regular crafting video cast! (This clip is around 20 minutes long)


The other video picked up by blinkx was hilarious! It is this guy, looks like he is in college making videos about products probably to make a few bucks. His take on the Knifty Knitters set is.. well .. unique.. go see for yourself!!!

Click Here! (this one is a short one) Sorry I couldn’t embed this one!

I got some great books in the mail this week so I will have some actual books for Bookish Thursday next week and the weeks to come! But hey! I have to read them first!!

2 thoughts on “Some KWON Related Videos Uncovered!!!

  1. Hey, thanks for the new video search site. I really got a kick out of the college kid using the KK and showing off his stylish socks, he, he.

  2. Actually the first one (I’m a regular subscriber and have been from the beginning,they’re at is what finally convinced me to give knitting looms a try! I had been thinking about them for a while and took up spool knitting with beads (since looms are hard to find and expensive here in the UK) but after seeing that episode I *knew* I had to become a loom knitter! I had my mom get them for me so they were waiting on the ground when I landed in the US a few weeks later and the rest, as they say, is history 🙂

    And as I write I just finished watching another of the episodes of that podcast while still wrangling with the legwarmer that never ends!

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