Wordless Wednesday: Say allo to my little friends…

I am Denise's shower buddy!

First amigurumi!

My Fruit Punch Blythe Doll should get here today!!

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Say allo to my little friends…

  1. first picture…. gross
    second picture – that is too cute. and I take it that you are really getting the hang of crochet.
    third picture – interesting doll.

  2. Like two of the three — haha! I’m guessing that first friend might be part of a school project. The other two are cute.

    Have exciting news to share — I’m a great Aunt. My little nephew decided he couldn’t wait and arrived a month early. He and mom are doing great. Can’t wait to get my hands on the little guy. Thankfully have had a blanket finished for some time now and finished up a little sweater just days before his entrance into the world a week and a half ago. Luckily had enough yarn for a matching hat to keep that little head warm.

    Happy Easter to one and all

  3. Did you catch that first friend at your house? He looks scary. Hubby has to take care of all creepy crawlies around here.

    Did you make the cutie penguin? I love it. Is it the Lion Brand pattern?

    I’ve seen those Blythe dolls all over Etsy and Ravelry. Are you collecting them?

  4. Good Lord! Is that spider really that big or is it just that way in the picture?? It looks friggin’ huge! …(((shiver)))…

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