Busy busy!

Trying  to get ready for Knitter’s Fantasy on Saturday! Have to get up super early! eek! I am donating my Heart Hat to the caps for kids so I FINALLY wove in the ends and blocked it!


Also trying to get ready for co-op tomorrow! Multiplication mania! I have some fun games but my multiplication flash cards have gone AWOL! YIKES sure don’t want to make them tonight! I sure hope they  turn up!

I have been making progress on the front piece my hubby’s sweater! It’s nice to switch to size 11 needles after crocheting with a B hook!


My right hand has had some extreeeeeeme pain the last two days! Misery! It extends from my elbow down to my middle and ring fingers. The pain is constant and then shoots down through my fingers.. this has happened before. I figure it must be how I am sleeping..

7 thoughts on “Busy busy!

  1. I think I have a sickness. I couldn’t knit my way out of a wet paper bag — more of a crochet chick, but just because that’s what I learned first and am too lazy to learn — but I am obsessed with knitting blogs. I lurk and I lurk and feel like a peeping Tom. Anyway, I liked your hat so much I had to say “Hi. I like your hat.”

    Therefore: “Hi. I like your hat.”

  2. That’s your ulnar nerve. It’s also known as your funny bone, but it’s not very funny when it’s causing so much pain! Watch the way your position your elbows when you sleep, but also check where you put your elbows in and around tables (keep them off! not for etiquette reasons — but actually it’s more if you are laying your whole arm on the table that you may be putting pressure on that area)

    If these still don’t work, come back to me. I’ve had problems with those buggers for years and so does my dad so we have a lot of strategies 🙂 But really, keeping your elbows off tables helps in most cases.

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