One week…

In one week I will be on my way to Hawaii.. so what knitting would you take for a Hawaiian vacation?

Should it be…

  1. Crest of the Wave scarf, from Ball and Skein? I already have that one started just have to figure out what row I am on!


2.  Simply Sterling  Eyelet Shawl by Knit Wit Knits, made of Kraemer’s Silk & Silver yarn.. am I brave enough to tote a yarn with a strand of actual sterling silver spun into it in my carry on? (sorry no photo)

3.  Biscuit Blanket from I Live on a Farm? Keep it small and simple?


Well what do you think? What should it be?

8 thoughts on “One week…

  1. Any chance the silver standed yarn will react to the humidity and salt air? I’d leave that one home, probably. More room for suntan lotion in your bag. You’re going to be in Hawai’i — probably the one place on earth NOT to knit!!!
    I hope you have a safe, memorable trip 🙂

  2. First off, I want to express my deep seated jealousy that you are going to Hawaii! LOL! I would give just about anything to go there! Second, I hope you won’t be knitting while there! For the travel time though, keep it in the spirit of the ocean and bring the Crest of the Wave scarf with. Finally, have a safe trip!

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