Has it Really Been that Long?

Right about now my 20th High School Reunion is starting! Due to circumstances we decided not to go even though I did get tickets and a dress!!

It’s not so bad. While there are quite a few people I would love to see who will be there, there are a few key people who will not.

So instead I am here looking at some old pics!


The good old senior picture! Check out that hair! Azia said, ‘Hey, it’s you with curly hair! When did you have curly hair?’

Just about every other year my cousin John would take me out and get me a perm. He doted over me. Still does when he sees me.

How about this shot? The soft focus, the classic over the shoulder look.


This is the one I picked for the enlarged shots. But unfortunately, not unlike my high school experience it was tainted. It got an orange line through it. Apparently this could not be fixed. So I was stuck with it.


Oh look, I hadn’t had my ears pierced yet!


There is is.. The big ole honkin’ diploma. Now it just collects dust. But aren’t you impressed that I know where it is?

If I can find my photo album maybe I will regale you with more photos and stories from high school!

Till then, if you are from Warren Hills Regional Senior High School class of 88′ happy anniversary, and have a good time at the reunion!

3 thoughts on “Has it Really Been that Long?

  1. Class of ’88???

    You ARE a young pup!!!

    I didn’t go to my reunions because I only went to the school I graduated from for 18 months. I can’t even think of 5 people by name or reputation that I’d want to see in Tucson in August. And that’s ok.

    I hope you are about to make your next biggie reunion!

  2. D, your hairstyle has changed but you look as beautiful!!! I love seeing these pictures :).

  3. You are an ’88 grad too, huh? I am actually considering going to mine, but it isn’t until this fall. I didn’t go to the first three, so I should probably go, I just need a baby sitter.

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