Code Black.. Held Hostage in Walmart!

Tonight we have to take Jaxom to church camp. So he and I went over to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things. On the way over the weather turned nasty. The wind blew the van around as I was driving.

I was shopping along, minding my business when out of a green colored sky..

FLASH!!         BAM!!           ALACAZAM!!




Came by……

An announcement came over the PA system. Walmart Associates we are calling a code black. Please escort all customers to the designated areas near the women’s changing rooms. Customers, please move to the center of the stores away from all windows and tall shelves…apparently there was a tornado warning.

So we went. There is something eerie, and eerily comforting about being surrounded by Walmart employees armed with flashlights..

And dang. I need to learn to use my cell phone camera more!!

6 thoughts on “Code Black.. Held Hostage in Walmart!

  1. Scary stuff. I hope that the weather conditions improved…I’m guessing that they did since you’ve posted this.

  2. That is scary! Sounds like the Walmart folks in your area have tornado drills. Hope they do the same in OK. 😀

  3. Yikes! That’s scary! My daughter worries a lot about bad weather – she’d be terrified if something like that happened to us! Still, I’d rather be in a store during a tornado than in a vehicle!

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  5. If a tornado hits a Wal-Mart super center, being in the center of the store will be of little protection. There are no studs going up to support the roof like the is in your home in the bathroom so if one is hit only a glancing blow may not offer you much protection. If it is a direct hit there will be no where in the store one would be safe. If there are storms in the area the best advice would be to stay home and be prepared.

  6. i used to work at a walmart supercenter where five years ago we fell victem to a ef4 tornado. back then we used to huddel in the center of the store and wrap ourselfs around the clothes racks..

    well one day i heard a slight high pitched sound coming from outside..i got on my radio and alerted a manager to dial 129 ( fitting room) and i told him that i believed that the tornado sirens were going off.. it had been raining all day and we could hear it pouring outside so i put two ad two togather. he came back on the radio and said ” i need an associate near a phone to call a code black right now we have a tornado three mintues out” so i got on the intercom and called ” attention walmart associates and all walmart customers. at this time management requests all patrons within the store to quickly but calmly move to the back hallway of the store and to stay away from electronics..again please move quickly and calmly to the back hallway of the store..please see an employee with a blue shirt for assistance..again walmart supercenter is shut down for a code black and all shopping is to cease immediately. please move to the back of the store.” we were back there for about 34 minutes and apparently the tornado never touched called for all cashiers to the front so customers wishing to check out with whatever tehy had at the time could check out..and within 5 minutes the sirens went off again ad we were in the back for about 2 nad a half hours.. our store is a 24 hour supercenter and for the first time since our store opened..we closed our doors due to severe weather after it was clear..our customers got angry but in a situation like that customers were the least of our worries..

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