A Swift End

My youngest son has such a good sense of right and wrong. He deals with it in an unique way. Whenever he is about to do something he isn’t supposed to, or thinks he will get in trouble for he will tell us, “Mom! (Dad!) Don’t look at me (this)!” 

Of course we immediately look do see what he is doing, or about to do.

He also is very good at telling us when he has done something wrong as well. Like if he has made a mess or broken something he will come to us and say “Mom (Dad) you don’t want to see this.”

Last night he came into the room where I was working with tears standing in his eyes. He said ” Mom, you REALLY don’t want to see this. Don’t come downstairs.” I knew he had done something big.

He started crying.

I scooped him up and hugged him and asked him what happened. He started saying he broke the thing that makes circles. I had no idea what he meant so we went downstairs to see.

He had broken my very unique, probably one of a kind, vintage yarn swift…


He was so very sad.. so was I. I had told them many times not to touch it, or go near it as it is old and delicate and definitely an eye poker! I talked to him about it a bit, and he said sorry.

Of course the whole time I was dealing with my little guy; I was struggling to keep it together and not cry myself. I knew if I did that would make it worse for him and he had it bad enough!

We looked it over and it’s possible if I plunder some unsuspecting umbrella that we could salvage it.  In the end I think I will have to replace it. And sooner than later.. I rely on that thing..

I could always go back to my computer chair setup!

9 thoughts on “A Swift End

  1. I have to think that in the long run, a child with a sense of right and wrong far out beats a vintage swift.
    I also think that good parenting skills put to such an extreme deserves a reward. Can you say new swift?

  2. I agree with Liz – very impressive how you handled that so well. I wouldn’t be so good.

    That’s cute about your son saying “don’t look at me” when he’s about to do something wrong, LOL! It reminds me of when my daughter was about 3, and was at my mom’s house, and saw a ride-on pony toy in the closet that my mom was hiding from her until Christmas. My daughter told my mom “There’s a pony toy in the closet, but don’t tell me!”.

  3. D, you handled the situation wonderfully. Wonderful parenting skills.

    A swift, even one as vintage as yours at the end of the day is just a swift, a tool, but the reassurance of your love for him is something that will be with him forever.

  4. Denise – you are the winner over on Tip Junkie for the $28 gift card to EightCrazy Designs! YAY!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see what you pick out. Please e-mail Shannon directly at eightcrazy8@gmail.com to redeam your prize.

  5. Poor guy. It has to be difficult to admit you’ve had an “oops” with something Mom/Dad hold dear. Just blame it on the swift for being so enticing!

  6. (((Hugs to you and the little guy ;D))) What a good kid to come tell you. I might have been left to discover it and then sleuth out the culprit. Give him an extra hug for being honest.

  7. Yeah, if it would have been one of my kids they would have been pointing fingers all over the place, even the cats and the alpacas get blamed! You have a gem!

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