Libertarians= Yarn Enablers? Who knew?

Brian and I have been very interested in the Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr.  So when I saw that he would be speaking nearby at Oberlin College, I emailed the local Libertarian offices to get details about the event.

I got a reply with the details, and sent back a quick thank you note.

Then this morning I got this:

You’re welcome, Denise!….and by the way, we happen to have a fiber arts store/gallery here on Main St. that you may want to check out when you come to Oberlin.


Had enough yet?

There’s a better choice for real change…

Vote Libertarian!

Well then.. who knew Libertarians were enablers! I could get to like this!

And seriously, if you are fed up with the two leading candidates saying the same old same old, and want a knowledgeable person in charge who will REALLY change things.. look Bob Barr up! 

2 thoughts on “Libertarians= Yarn Enablers? Who knew?

  1. I agree – there’s gotta be somebody better, BUT … Obama is toooooo scary and a vote on someone who hasn’t a chance seems like a vote for Obama.

  2. Looks as though we will have lots of write-ins this election. My fear is there will not be enough write-ins to make a difference.

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