You Gotta Love Freecycle!

I have a bit of a lul in my knitting right now. I am in ADD knitting mode.. I have a shawl that is NEARLY finished… as in I RAN OUT OF YARN  halfway through the bind off.. so I need to get more yarn for it..

I have mostly finished a Tudora.. and I have a seatbelt cover nearly done as well..

I also have about a million projects going through my head and lining up in my brain queue.

So I thought I would go on a little stash busting adventure and make a few toys to drop for the Toy Society. And I thought I might do some ‘yarn grafitti’ too.. been dying to try it. I guess I am all street art these days..

So what does this have to do with Freecycle? Well, when a post came across our local Freecycle list for felt squares I thought great! I will try for this I can use it with the yarn for making toys. So I replied.

Now. I rarely get in there as the first person to get these things so I am never too optimistic.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got it, so I dutifully went and picked it up. It was a BIG BAG, with BIG pieces of felt! Cool.. check it out..



Then in the morning, I was walking up the steps, and that bag was sitting there at the top of the steps.. and I noticed the bag itself..



An audible “EEP” came out of my mouth… Of all the bags she could have used to keep this felt in..


I never showed you a close up of my plates in my dining room yet..





7 thoughts on “You Gotta Love Freecycle!

  1. That is a great coincidence. I took my Boy Scouts to Howe Caverns a few years ago. We had a great time. I love small world stories.

  2. Howe Caverns! That brings back memories. My grandparents lived nearby in upstate NY, and I spent many weekends and summer vacations seeing billboards for that place. Only actually took the tour through the caverns once, but it still brings me back to my childhood.

  3. Man-
    I’m so felt envious! I’m in the midst of a felt foods frenzy these days. Those colors are just yummy!

  4. For the record it was no little “eep”

    It was a loud “WHOA” that woke me up, though the closed bedroom door.

    Hey – You know, it occurs to me that she may no longer have a desire for the contents that originally came in that bag… It might be worth reaching out…

  5. Could that be true? Denise – gimme a hollar. Maybe we can work something out?????


  6. lol – Sorry I didn’t mean to get you excited.

    I changed who I was talking about mid sentence. the “she” in the second half of the comment wasn’t meant to be Denise but the woman who supplied the Howe’s cavern – So I meant the ORIGINAL contents of that bag – Presumably cave plates or other Howe’s cavern goodies 🙂

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