Well the clouds and rain held off so we could have fun being chaperones for the youth group to go to Cedar Point!

First up .. an early lunch when we arrived..


This is only half of the kids.. we had 21, and ended up ‘adopting’ one extra friend who we ran into for a total of 22!

Then on to the rides!!

my list..

1. Raptor ( I love the smell of roller coasters in the morning!)

2. Thunder Canyon (came out dry!)

3. Snake River Falls (came out very wet)

4. Wave Swings (you know.. to dry off a bit)

5. Sky Hawk (very scary after waiting in line, to get to the front and find that the harness system was glitchy and wait while they tested it.. then yes.. actually ride it!)

6. Wicked Twister (wicked fun!)

7. Power Tower (wish they would let you wear your glasses.. would be nice to see the view from the top!)

8. Super Himalaya

and let’s top if off with:

9. Midway Carousel!

I told Brian I would win him a prize..

And I did..


Fun was had by all. Today, despite using sun block.. we are dealing with a bit of sunburn, the rain is back too. So a nice quite day at home is in order!

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