My Nemesis…

My nemesis… just who or what is my nemesis? Some mean bully who beat me up in grade school?


Spiders, snakes and all things creepy"?


The dark?


No.. my nemesis is a soft spoken, gentle man… my eye doctor! Yep.. today I was in there to have the pressure in my eyes checked. I gave him all sorts of trouble.. you can do just about anything to me.. fill a tooth, give me a shot, draw blood.. whatever!  But get that stinkin’ blue light pressure checker thing near my eye and I am like a rabid animal backed into a corner!  And the eye drops to make me not feel them? I think that he used half the bottle just to get one in each eye.. 

I am sure next time I come in he will run away screaming..

.. perhaps I am HIS nemesis..

see you in May Doc!

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