Finished Friday! A baby blanket!

Ok details details! The blanket is a little 26×26 baby blanket for a friend’s new addition! It was also my Olympic Knitting though I missed finishing it by a couple days.

It was cast off on Wednesday night! I have a few little ends to weave in and such but other than that it is finished!


It is the log cabin pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. Easy peasy!! I had started another blanket in other colors but they were vetoed as not being baby boy colors.. but hey they go well with my couch so I might just make a full size blanket!

Next on my list, and already cast on I am reviewing and tweeking the pattern for my O’Reilly hat. It is a needle knit pattern and I am hoping to have it  tweeked  and available next week! Then I might even tackle working out larger sizes for it!

After that what do you think? A tutorial for making log cabin squares on the knitting loom? The only problem with that is if you do it like I did you need a BIG loom.. but if you make individual squares for a ‘quilt’ like blanket.. that could work! We’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Finished Friday! A baby blanket!

  1. would LOVE a log cabin tutorial…I have tried this and got tangled up tails.
    and it is beautiful looking.

  2. no, no, I have too many hobbies! Cannot take on knitting as well! I decided a while back to stop nibbling at lots of different things, but to take off a big bite and really chew.

  3. I would love to have a loom pattern for the log cabin quilt. I have tried to learn to knit and I just cannot get the hang of it and it is something I want to learn so bad, but I can loom knit fairly well, I would love if you could make this pattern, in blocks.

    Thank you do much,
    Paige Williamson

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