Finished Friday! Lots to show!

Let’s see.. as promised yesterday I will show you the shirt I did. This is my first project from the Alabama Stitch Book and I like it!!


Take two t shirts with stains and voila make something nice out of them rather than throwing them out!

(I had a little help)


Next up is a reverse appliqué corset top from the book. Here is my test piece for that..

IMAG0169Quite fetching I think! Hoping that it will look this good on the shirt!

Here is is with the stencils painted up and drying..

IMAG0172I hope they don’t end up looking like jelly fish.. I am sure they won’t!

And to top it all off I finished a little hat for my neice!! And after a bit of tweaking the pattern will be available in my shop. Sorry loom knitters this one is for needles..


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