It was World Wide Knit in Public day  and there I was, out in public, without any knitting!

Desperate times call for desperate knitters. So I dug into the contents of the van and came out with…

A straw, and a spool of thread! Genius!!


I won in the knitting dept. but the team lost the game. Oh well!

2 thoughts on “WWKIP Day

  1. That’s some hard.core.knitting you have there!

    I’m off to make sure I have emergency knitting supplies in the car. You never know when you may need them 🙂

  2. Hi Denise
    I can’t believe you did that. You are not only a genius, you are a master innovator. I’m not sure where in this WWW you are residing but I celebrated WWKIP here in Australia. Well, did I feel like a real dill, and I had “real” knitting needles” but had some fun as well. I think you’re onto something here. Maybe a new e-book could be the go!!! Knitting with stuff from the car boot. I like it.

    Well done.


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