How To’s Day!
How to get a little cash to enhance your stash!

Howtosday iconWho couldn’t use a little extra cash to buy a little more yarn, some nice Addi turbos, another knitting loom,  or I suppose if you are so inclined.. a Christmas present or two?

I just found a way to get $25 and it couldn’t be easier!



American Express is offering a $25 bonus when you sign up for their prepaid Serve card. All you do is sign up, activate the card, load the card with $25 before December 31, and they will match it!


Disclaimer: I am getting nothing from sharing this offer, but the joy of enabling my fellow knitters to get ever closer to S.A.B.L.E. *

So go forth! And get some $$$ to enhance your stash today! Click here!



* S.A.B.L.E. = Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy!

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