Surprised on Saturday!

Well.. I got a package yesterday.. a BIG one….

  When I opened it up.. or to be fair.. when my excited children opened it up this is what we found!


Book # 3 is out of the box!!

While on Amazon it is still on pre-order… you can get it now at the Annie’s website!

You might even have enough time to knit up one of the smaller blankets for someone for Christmas!

Later during the day.. my youngest son said.. I want to just jump into that box and cuddle up and close the lid! Now there is a nice testimonial!

Meanwhile my middle son, who has been asking nearly daily when these projects would be coming back to us, is quite happy..


Now you know why I wasn’t really blogging much from February through July!!! Very glad to be back at it!! Although… there is something else in the works that will be slowing me down again! Don’t worry, you will like it in the end!!

2 thoughts on “Surprised on Saturday!

  1. Exciting!
    Very cool that you have a book (s?) out!

    I’ve been reading Isela’s stuff for years and just found you tonight! I’m interested in the Mary Jane Parker slippers, but I’m having a really hard time converting the DA small gauge adult sock loom to something I have. (Knitting board, all in one)
    Apparently, DA is out of business 🙁

  2. converting = I can’t find that particular loom on Amazon or Ebay so that I could at least count the pegs!
    (I have the knifty knitters and have used Isela’s pattern for the Plushy Slipper Socks, and those are great. Yours is a different style that I think is quite cute!

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