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A stay at home mom of four, who homeschools, changes a lot of diapers.. minds the dog and in her spare time knits on her knitting boards and looms and occasionally picks up some knitting needles too..

We Pause for Free Patterns!

Why yes I should be working hard on finishing up the latest ‘secret project’ since my deadline is Thursday.. but that is no fun! Especially when there are cute free patterns like this one:


Berroco_Cubist_edited-1024x1002I took a peek at the pattern and it is one that could easily be done on a loom! I know there was someone out there looking for another shawl pattern they could use on the loom.. I of course can’t remember who but hey, hopefully this will get to them!!

Alright then.. the details are here!


Enjoy.. now back to work for me!


The Studio is Open!!

Well I am pretty well wrapped up with the most recent ‘secret’ knitting project! Just have a bunch of writing to do.. send anti writer’s block vibes my way please!

I have cleaned out my studio space from the winter clutter, and hope that the warm weather will stick around so I can start working out there!

IMG_2187Got a few things in progress there. My Addi King Size knitting machine has a special project on it that I am hoping I will be able to do.. on my dress form Sugar I have a shirt that needs a little fixing.. and you can see my sweet little spinning wheel that I got for Christmas! It’s not in operating order just now but we’ll see!

I have a couple things to share with ya’ll so look forward to the break in my silence!

And be sure to stop by Knitty Gritty Savings, I have been updating deals and giveaways there!


Crayola Twitter Party!

_ColorfulCreations-Twitter-Party-2-26You know me! I love Crayola stuff.. though I do use it out of the box a bit!! Remember this?


Anyway there is a twitter party today at 2:00 and I thought I would share!

Here are the details:

#ColorfulCreations #ColorfulCreations

It’s been a long, cold winter but now it’s time for a little colorful inspiration! Get ready to craft with your kiddos using fabulous Crayola products and join us at the #ColorfulCreations Twitter Party where we’ll be talking about how Crayola can bring some color to your everyday activities!


  • Prize 1: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 2: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 3: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 4: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Prize 5: $100 Walmart Gift Card
  • Early Bird Prize: $50 Walmart Gift Card

Twitter Parties are a great way to learn about new products, and win prizes!! I won a $100 gift card for groceries at one earlier this year!

So check it out if you have the time!

The RSVP is here!