Bookish Thursday: Wendy Knits Lace

I am not a big lace knitter. With 4 kids 2 cats and a dog I don’t have the quieter environment needed to focus on complicated lace patterns. So I tend to avoid it, or if I am making lace I choose simpler geometric patterns.

Enter the book Wendy Knits Lace :


You have seen that I have knit a couple of her Elizabeth’s cowls! They are wonderful!!! Easy, and the lace pattern is easily memorized. SO.. I have stuck my toes into the depths of lace in this book!


There are 20 lovely patterns in this book. From cowls to scarves and shawls, socks and some super cozy afghans and sweaters this book has it all and I feel confident that I could make any of them! That is a big deal for me!

For my loom knitters.. this book is worth a look, I can see that a few of the patterns could be done on the loom. First off Elizabeth’s Cowl could be done on the loom, the Lace Stripe Scarf  and Cranbourne Scarf could also be done on the loom.

There are a couple sock patterns that lend themselves pretty easily to the sock loom, and if you have an adjustable sock loom the Vintage Knee socks are doable as well.

So if you are a loom knitter who is looking for a bit more to make I do recommend you take a peek and see if anything interests you in here!

Bookish Thursday: An EZ Surprise Book!

Well I was surprised to see a book review this morning for a new book out by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Knit One Knit All! Wild, especially since she passed away in 1999!


It looks like a good one. One I will definitely be picking up soon. I expect another nice $5 Amazon card from my Swagbucks winnings very soon! I love picking up books for less or for free this way!

This book looks like a typical EZ book! All knit all the time! I will give you my own review once I get it, but for now Clara Parkes wrote a great review of it at Knitter’s Review.. remember that site.. you know the place we went before there was Ravelry?


Bonus book.. this one isn’t out yet.. but I am already drooling! The next installment from Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin is due out next spring. Its called Alabama Studio Design But if you preorder *cough*  my birthday is tomorrow *cough* then you get it delivered on it’s release AND you get a nice free Alabama Chanin gift with it! I don’t know what that gift is but hey.. I’ll take it!!