Things that make you go hmm. then laugh!


I was working on reading with Julian my 8 year old and this was in the lesson.

It is interactive and you can click on the words so they are read to you. Guess which one he kept hitting twice.


I don’t know who came up with the combination of sight words for this lesson, but hey, it gave my 8 year old unwilling reader a little motivation. And gave us all a little laugh!

A trip to the Art Museum

I took Caleb and Julian to the Akron art museum yesterday for a field trip! We all survived.. so did all the artworks, despite a distinct lack of those velvet ropes..

(Let’s just say Caleb would not survive the Rijksmuseum!)

We ended the trip with a stop at the museum shop where they each got one of these guys:

DSCF6074Julian has been doing alot of this since then:

DSCF6075Not bad! Oh.. and for those of you in the know.. look at his hand and tell me what that is on there!