It’s not easy being blond…

There are some days when I am sick and tired of blond jokes. Then there are days that I realise that there is a good reason there are so many of them.. and the reason is me..

See this lovely vest?

march 040.jpg

(here’s where you oooh and ahhh!)

Yes it is nice isn’t it..why yes I made it on a knitting loom, and yes I figured out how to do it myself. In three sizes! I sat down, I was good, I did a swatch and everything. Then I made one up. In the wrong size! Yep. I made a small when I should have made a medium.. OI

SO out it goes! That’s ok. I need to rework it a bit anyway.

Then today I am ailing a bit from a pulled muscle in my neck, making me look and feel rather like the bride of Frankenstein.. So I can’t work on the looms since I only have large projects for my larger looms. So I do  a swatch for a project on the needles, I even washed it!! And it’s spot on! Couldn’t be more perfect! And then I cast on to start the sweater.

Yep.. I cast on for the WRONG SIZE!!

Thankfully I only did a few rows before I realised it.

Hey look what came in the mail!


 (yes this picture is a total rip of Stephanie’s picture today…)

It really is exciting to see my name on the front of the book.. Really.. It’s cool but it was rather anti climatic.. you see.. there was a mistake in one of the patterns..

Just for the record… It’s not my mistake..I checked, BEFORE I emailed the publisher..!! 

(ok.. now my husband is walking around behind me saying “This is blondstar, please state the nature of your knitting emergency…UGH!)

Ps.. go read his blog!!


3 thoughts on “It’s not easy being blond…

  1. Kudos again on the book!
    Love the ripped pic 🙂
    Love the blondstar knitting emergency side note
    And..uummm I wear a small 🙂

  2. I thought that picture looked familiar. Congrats on the book, again. Gotta love pattern errors. Look at it this way, they’re inevitable.

  3. I thought that picture looked familiar…putting the poor kids up to it.

    The vest reminds me of my circular shrug, except my circular shrug has cap sleeves.

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