Happy Thanksgiving..pass the crackers and ginger ale

On our Thanksgiving menu today.. saltine crackers and gingerale, thanks to a kind neighbor who went and got it for us.. The turkey lies in state in the refrigerator, the pies remain unmade, the sauses and gravies un mixed and the green bean casserole in it’s respective cans.

We are all sick save the three year old and have spent the night either trying to take care of ourselves or each other. I instead of gaining 6 pounds eating delectable thansgiving treats have lost 6 pounds..

This runs in the family it seems. My brother and sister in law have spent the day dealing with four children with chicken pox.. or perhaps just in honor of the occasion we should rename them Turkey pox.. just to make it sound a little more fun.. 

So enjoy your meals and your traditional Thanksgiving football games.. oh.. would you pass me another cracker before you go?

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving..pass the crackers and ginger ale

  1. Oh you dear, sweet family. I wish your tummy troubles gone so that you can enjoy the holiday weekend. May you gather around the festive table, not the porcelain toilet.

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