Double Dare Hat is Here!

The Double Dare hat is two hat patterns in one! First a stylish newsboy cap. A quick knit just in time for the Holiday rush!

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Second (it’s not called the double dare hat for nothing!)is a beret. An even faster knit and nice and cozy! Knit one of these up for someone you love this holiday season!

Better picture on it's way soon!!


Knitting Loom: Blue and Green Knifty Knitter hat looms.

Blue and Green Knifty Knitter hat looms.Yarn: 200- 250 yards of chunky weight yarn. Plymouth Encore Chunky used in newsboy cap style sample, and Red Heart Baby Clouds used in child size beret sample. (Wool Ease Chunky would be perfect for this pattern!)

Other: Knitting tool, crochet hook, yarn needle, optional buckle or button for hat band, 6 inch circular peice of plastic canvas for brim insert.

Required Skills: Knit stitch, lifted increase,decreasing, flat panel knitting, slip stitch crochet seam.

Size:One size fits all adult, and instructions for adjusting for child size included.

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Warm up those Joann’s coupons and go get some supplies!!

*as always if you need to purchase this in a method other than Paypal, please email me and we can make arrangements!

3 thoughts on “Double Dare Hat is Here!

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  2. Hello, I am new to loom knitting but am kind of interested in this hat. My mom has breast cancer and is going through chemo/radiation treatments. She decided to shave her head before she lost her hair. I think this would be the perfect style for her as we live in North Dakota which is cold in winter. How hard is this to make for a newbie knitter? Also would you suggest a softer yarn in this situation? She is in her late 70’s and the hats she bought so far are too scratchy for her head. I would appreciate any help or insights you could give me.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Homespun is GORGEOUSLY soft! You will see when you go to buy it! I Picked one ball up out of the bin and walked away with 7(!) because it is so lovely and dreamy soft! I have read that it works well with the KK round Looms

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